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Industrial vintage style

The products designed and manufactured industrial vintage style are of a very high quality, sometimes using limited series authentic antique pieces of engineering turned into furniture or decorative objects.

Our pieces can have a weight between 3 and 4 times higher with respect to other manufacturers because we use stronger materials and robust to give them an industrial look authentic and we use riveting in all joints.

For this style industrial vintage, the pieces are finished more common the aged by a patina or finish in natural steel with the waters of the hot rolling. Our base materials are wrought iron, stainless steel and cor-ten steel.

Along with the steel we use also wood and aged leather.

This design can be applied both to the field of decoration and furniture such as: tables, chairs, lamps, Dresser, furniture for catering etc. to architectural works: railings, canopies, doors, corporate image of companies.

Porfolio : Industrial vintage style