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Contemporary Blacksmith | Iron Craftsman

In 2000, I get the degree in master of industrial metalwork. Sometime before, I had experienced my first work with steel, although always cold.

But then, I have the opportunity to work with a prestigious contemporary blacksmith and I
Discover the possibilities that steel offers when it’s heated and change to a yellow colour, almost white.
This is when its plasticity allows to create pieces of real beauty.

From here, I start getting excited by this type of work.

Being registered as a craftsman in León, I begin a new adventure. In 2006 founded Artymetal. Since then we dedicate to ourselves to designing all kind of creative works, whether architectural, residential, furniture or sculpture in wrought iron, stainless steel or cor-ten steel combined in occasions with other nobel materials.

The main basis of our work is the commitment to quality and our meticulous attention to detail. Each member of Artymetal team believes passionately in giving his customers the best possible service from your initial application up to the final delivery.

Artymetal carries out orders from residential clients, landscapers, architects, developers and interior designers in the national territory as well as within Europe, taking as a reference the prestigious study Foster+partners Architecture.

“Our best job is that which have not yet done”