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Contemporary design style


For products manufactured stylish contemporary design we use three types of different metals, but one of them worked in two ways depending on the finish required piece in particular. These three metals are steel, stainless steel and cor-ten steel.

Along with these three different metals we use also wood, leather and glass.

This design can be applied to architectural or sculptural works from the field of decoration and furniture.

With this design, we try to create sculpture-pieces with forms either straight or curves, which have a great visual impact, a strong personality and a quality of realization according to its design. In this way we try to every customer to own in his home, business, garden, etc a piece with a design and a unique quality which brings him more than just a piece manufactured in series.

Porfolio : Stylish contemporary design

Cor-ten steel

Acero corten


Acero cor-tén