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Cor-ten steel

ACERO-CORTENCor-ten steel contains in its chemical composition a high content of copper, chromium and nickel, which makes the superficial oxide layer which is formed in non stainless steel, to have special characteristics.

In this way, the film which provoques exposure to the atmosphere under normal conditions, is particularly dense, highly adherent, stable and regenerative. For all these reasons, the corrosion of steel under normal conditions is interrupted by the self-defensive action of the oxide, with which the protection via galvanizing or painting becomes superfluous.

The oxide layer is reddish-orange colour and results very characteristic, which converts it in one of the most utilized materials by contemporary artists for the production of artworks and lately by the architects who want to innovate and use new materials in their projects.

It´s regenerating because if the surface layer receives minor damage which causes the outside layer to fall out, it regenerates and ends up homogenizing.

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Cor-ten steel

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